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The South Atlantic Regional  Special Project 2015-2017:

“AWE-some   Possibilities”

     We, as SAR gardeners, stand in AWE of what we have inherited and must pass on to future generations. Our director, Sarah Ann Parler, has announced her theme, “Inspire Conservation through Education” and is using this as the basis of her regional project.

One challenge for the 2015-2017 administration is participation in the SAR special project. This project is doable by clubs and councils of any size in the diversified locations of our five-state region. Her desire is that everyone accepts responsibility to develop and implement educational projects which will focus on the conservation and preservation of our Air, Water and Earth (soil) resources.  Choose your area of interest or combined interests of two or perhaps all three.  Does that not put you in AWE of project possibilities?     Read More About “Awe-some Possibilities”

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The National Garden Club
2015 – 2017 NGC President’s Special Project
“Service in Action”

The goals of the President’s Special Projects are to increase awareness of the seriousness of the demise of pollinators and amphibians and to encourage conservation and protection efforts by clubs, the general public and governmental agencies.

Often called the first bio-indicators, amphibians and pollinators reveal the state of their ecosystems by their presence, abundance and activities. Pollinator and amphibian populations are declining worldwide through effects of pesticides, habitat destruction, diseases, parasites, global warming, and introduced predators. Education, habitat conservation, and protection of at risk populations are issues we can change through action.

Clubs, states, and regions are encouraged to participate in the BeeGAP, Monarch Watch, The Frightened Frog, and Bee a Wildlife Action Hero! programs and projects designed to engage members in efforts to protect and conserve these important populations.

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