Historic Trees for Historic Places
Civic Beautification Grants


The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc. (GCSC) funds the Historic Trees for Historic Places (HTHP) Civic Beautification Grant Program, offering it to all federated GCSC garden clubs.  This grant program will match a maximum of $500 for earned monetary grants, awards and/or club contributions used to promote civic beautification and community participation in a project satisfying the stated criteria.

Eligible club projects would include creation or restoration of a garden in an historic site or in proximity to an historic tree or stand of trees.  These public sites include parks, cemeteries, schools, churches, nursing homes, hospitals, libraries or established historic sites.  

A club must satisfy the following criteria:
Federated club status in GCSC
Minimum of  75% club member participation in grant project
Garden plan with simple design and basic illustration
Printed plant list that includes wildflowers and native plants
Printed detailed  plans for project implementation and maintenance
Budget that details club’s matching cash, grant or award contributions (may include in-kind contributions, if detailed)
Before and after photos of site
Submission of application to HTHP Grant Chairman by February 1, 2014

HTHP Civic Beautification Grant Application

Historic Trees for Historic Places
Civic Beautification Grant Chairman
Laura Jenkins-Thompson
455 Rice Hope Drive
Mt. Pleasant, SC  29464