NGC Convention 2015

The National Garden Clubs’ 86th Annual Convention was held May 12-18, 2015, in  Louisville, Kentucky . This was an installation year, with a change in the administration during the convention and  inducting a new group of State Presidents. President Linda Nelson was honored  for her exceptional service to the organization and President-Elect Sandy Robinson was installed for the  term 2015-2017.
GCSC was well represented by President Yvonne Morris, 1st Vice President Donna Donnelly, 2nd Vice-President Karen Prewitt, Becky Crowe, Sammy Martin, Mary  Ann Kirby, and Former GCSC Presidents Pat Abercromie, Marsha Alexander, Sarah Ann Parler( SAR Director) and  Emily Stephens.
GCSC won several awards during this convention and these will be presented during the “Summer Expo” celebration
Photos are courtesy of Bill Korhely and Mary Ann Kirby