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Coastal District


Yaupon Garden Club members began the celebration of National Garden Week on Saturday, May 30 by setting up exhibits in the NMB Library depicting activities of the National Garden Club, Garden Club of South Carolina and Yaupon GC.  Additional displays were placed at the C. B. Berry Center and the SC Welcome Center.  Another group of members gathered at the NMB Museum to assemble the façade of a potting shed complete with flowers in a window box, potted plants, gardening tools and a bench for the weary workers.  A third group was at hand on Wednesday to arrange and display floral designs.Potting Shed

In conjunction with GCSC, Yaupon is participating in a project to recognize historic or landmark trees which are or have been part of the social, political, commercial, agricultural, religious, environmental or ecological fabric of a community.  On Monday, June 2, Jeanette Lyon took a group of members on a tour of  these trees, starting at Lake Arrowhead Road in Myrtle Beach and  continuing to 14th Ave. S.,  6th Ave. S, South Oak Drive and 11th Ave. North in NMB and Bay and Riverview Drives in Little River.  The next day, members toured the yards of Margaret Graham, Kathleen Kepenis, Donna Strattman and Tina Sclafani, with a special stop to view the gorgeous garden of Life Member Henrietta Belanus.

On Thursday, three programs were presented at the NMB Library.  Jeanette Pritchard spoke about Ikebana and demonstrated the art of arranging cut flowers in rhythmic, decorative designs.  Dorothy Bambach told of her trip to a local Japanese garden and her study of the subject in order that she and her husband could create one in their back yard.  She showed a power point presentation of the work in progress, including a bamboo wall and a water feature, as well as pathways and a gateway.  A day in their garden is a visit to the Orient.  Jeanette Lyon gave a presentation about historical trees and showed pictures of many of the trees the club had gone to see on Monday.

Friday was a continuation of the tour of members’ gardens.  First, the members went to Polly Thompson’s garden where they were provided with plastic bags to put over their shoes before walking out into the rows of corn, tomatoes, squash, and greens.  Each member got a tomato plant to put in the garden and hopefully harvest in the coming weeks.  Next was a visit to the yards of members Sue Forrest and Phoebe Stacy.  The group  then traveled further on Highway 9 to enjoy Agnes Little’s daylilies and continued on to Tabor City to help James Thorndyke harvest his cucumbers and squash as well as taking some home to enjoy.




East Piedmont District

National Garden Week Celebrated by Upsy Daisy Garden Club

Upsy Daisy  a member of East Piedmont District Placed four designs in the SC Judges Flower Show in Greenwood, SC  as Part of the “Festival of Flowers” in Greenwood June 6-8 2014 @ the Greenwood Library. 500 People attended and viewed the Flower Show. The Show won high score enough for a amphile/ DVD to be sent to National to apply for A National Flower Show Award.
E. Pied. District Chr. For this Show were Becky Crow and Bill Patterson.

Here are the Designs: Elaine Wade ” Harry Potters Goblet of Fire” Blue Ribbon and Petite Award -Small Design.  Elaine is President of Upsy Daisy and in a Nationally Accredited Life Judge crown of thorn painted by designer with gold leaf. Leaf a intend with red polish and gold ear by the designer, candle holder turned upside down.

Designs by Mary Ann Kirby ,National Accredited Master Judge

Blue Ribbon ” Elements from the Earth” featuring Copper and  Paper Mache Container made by Designer- Small Design not over 8 inches in any dimension.Mini bird of paradise, bromeliad,, Harry Lauders walking stick, mother n’law plant.

“Harry Potters Goblet of Fire” Red Ribbon Reflective Illuminary Assembledge Small Design.

“Phantom of the Opera” By Mary Ann Kirby
Illuminary Assembledge using High Heat Gun to Melt Plastic by designer.  The Black plastic was part of a visor which was broken off from my Brothers Truck. The Light wired by the designer was a red pepper light, The Tool Assembledge represented The Phantom’s life between the walls of the Opera. This Design was dedicated to the memory of Mary Ann’s Brother , Ronnie Powell who encouraged  this sister to think out of the box and always brought knarled wood, metals and carvings for this designer to  incorporate into Creative Designs!,
Mary Ann Powell Kirby- Chr. Of National Garden Week for Upsy Daisy Garden Club