Feed The Birds- A GCSC Presidents’ Project


“Feed The Birds”


          Our Presidents’ theme, “Birds of a Feather Garden Together!” has the overall goal of providing education for members regarding the protection and conservation of our South Carolina birds through gardening practices. View this projects’ Mission Statement 

A part of this theme is the Presidents’ Project to encourage club involvement through “Feed the Birds”.  All specified funds donated over the next two years to this project will benefit birding projects across the state, especially the SC Botanical Garden in Clemson and the Riverbanks Botanical Children’s Garden in Columbia.

I have compiled an Internet list of science- based resources of instructions on how to provide food by using native plantings of horticulture and to provide education resources for the clubs, members and viewing public.   These were available to the great Expo on July 15th. If you would like a copy of these references, please send me your email.

View the List Here

We have created a printable, colored banner  which can be printed and used to promote the project in clubs and councils. Click Here for Banner

            I look forward to working with our President and you club members and plan to provide more “Feed the Birds” resources. When invited would look forward to attending your District Annual meetings to encourage participation

Mary Reeves     reevesmary3@gmail.com

Presidents Project Chairman