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 All Donations to GCSC Funds, Projects or Scholarships are to be sent directly to the GCSC Treasurer. The Chairmen of these entities will be notified.  Please send all donations or checks to: GCSC Treasurer,   701 Gervais Street, Suite 150-142,  Columbia, SC 29201

GCSC President’s Project  2017-2019:
Chairman Mary Reeves, 
Make donations to ‘GCSC Feed the Birds’

  Ongoing State Projects:
Memorial Garden- Chairman Betsy Steele,
Make donations to GCSC Memorial Garden

Five Star Project- Chairman Norma Miller,
Make donations to GCSC Five Star

Blue Star- Chairman Betty Gourdin,
Make donations to GCSC Blue Star

Chairman Sandie Duerkson, 
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Hessie Morrah Scholarship

Barbara Barnette Scholarship

Reba Wall/Camp Wildwood Scholarship

GCSC General Scholarship