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” Heirloom Gardening – Yesterday’s Plants for Today’s Gardens”

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In the heart of our state of South Carolina is the West Sandhills District. We are proud to be the seat of our state government where on the capitol grounds during the Christmas season is erected a gigantic 40 foot tree where branches glitter with 11,000 lights. Here in the city of Columbia next to the Governor’s Mansion is the only Memorial Garden to be on the National Registry. A popular place for weddings and receptions, these gardens were established in 1944 in honor and in memory of those who served in World War II and has continued to be under the care of Garden Club of South Carolina.

The new Farmer’s Market is situated in Lexington County with access from Interstate 77. There are many venders with beautiful flowers, fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables. Many state and district garden club meetings are held in the Phillips Market Pavilion which is on site.

Our most easterly county, Calhoun is noted for its fields of cotton and reminds us of our past heritage when cotton was “king”. Clubs in the area will often use open cotton bolls to enhance floral designs.

Moving to the west and north is Camden, the county seat for Kershaw with beautiful historic homes, lovely gardens, shops, and cafes. The Camden Cup is held every spring and the Colonial Cup in the fall. The town bustles with preparation for balls, the steeple chase, polo matches, and the run for the roses.

Home of Ten Governors, Edgefield County boasts of the Red Coat Shrine, Oakley Park, where enactments are staged. “The Ridge” runs from Trenton through the heart of Johnston and over into Saluda. Here peach trees flourish and make South Carolina the second largest producers of peaches in our nation.

Historical roots run deep in Fairfield County for the part played in both the Confederate and Revolutionary Wars. Established in 1785, according in one version, Fairfield County is named for Lord Cornwallis’s exclamation, “What fair fields!”

During the next two years Garden Club of South Carolina President, Yvonne Morris is placing emphasis on native plants.  The West Sandhills District will be incorporating their theme, “Heirloom Gardening” with native plants.

Director, Betty Jackson

Betty Jackson, District Director
Husband: Clyde Reel Jackson III
Children: Clyde Jackson IV, Janet (Jan) Hodges Burch, Paula Jackson Herz
Grandchildren: Nicole Jackson (18) Sophia Herz (5)bettyjackson-186x300
Member: Country Gardeners

A graduate of Edgefield High School, Betty chose Coker College as her alma mater. She probably should have majored in music; but to her father’s dismay she talked him into allowing a two year secretary degree since she was more interested in a MRS. Her high school sweetheart was living in Washington, D.C. and working for the FBI Identification Department. A true southern girl, she was taking no chance of someone north of the Mason Dixon line taking her beau.

While living in Arlington, Virginia, Betty worked at the Pentagon for the Department of Air Force, Legislative Liaison. All military personnel were lawyers who were in contact with the House and Senate discussing bills pertaining to the armed services. As a small town girl, this was quite an experience and education.

Opportunities back home became available and South Carolina became home once again. Betty’s Secretarial Degree came in handy as she kept books and sent out bills for all of Clyde’s business endeavors.

Betty and her husband have always been involved with church music. She serves as organist and Clyde sings in the choir. Both have taught Sunday School classes and were Youth Directors.

Having children in private school, Betty was Mother’s Club president more times than she can remember. She and Clyde were always cooking and serving at ballgames. Their younger daughter began school after the other two graduated so history repeated itself.  Betty and Clyde now serve on the Advancement Board at Wardlaw Academy. This year granddaughter, Sophia will be entering K5 and Nicole will be a Freshman at University of Georgia, her father’s alma mater.

Betty is one of five women serving on the State Farm Bureau Women Committee.  As Chairman of the ten counties in Central District, she encourages women to help in making children and adults more aware of the importance of agriculture in every day life.

Love for flowers was embedded in her from both her grandmothers. They could stick anything in the ground or put a brick on a limb and it would root. She loves container gardening because Clyde cannot mow the plants down nor kill them with weed eater.

A member of the Country Gardeners since her early 20’s, Betty has served as Recording Secretary and as President many terms. Being Yearbook Chairman for years she has been responsible for all typing and copying.

Throughout the years Betty has served her church, community, club affiliations, civic organizations, volunteering, and saying “yes” whenever the cause arose. She now commits to the Garden Club of South Carolina her time and energy as she serves a second term as  West Sandhills Director.


Co-Director, Jan Burch

Jan BurchJan Burch is a member of the Trenton Country Gardeners and is honored to be serving as Co- Director for the West Sandhills District for the 2015-2017 term.  She is the immediate past chair for Birds and Butterflies and has thoroughly enjoyed her affiliation with GCSC and the opportunity to establish relationships with such wonderful ladies.

Jan grew up in Trenton, SC on her family’s peach farm. She attended Wardlaw Academy and graduated from the University of Georgia. She has expanded her business portfolio to include interest in nine automobile dealerships, health clubs, a residential and commercial design firm, a real estate investment company, a restaurant, an etiquette school and a professional hockey team. In addition to her business pursuits, she has served on numerous boards including the University of South Carolina Aiken Partnership Board, Georgia-Carolina Boy Scouts of America, The Augusta Ballet and Women in Philanthropy, to name a few.

Jan is married to Robert McLaurin Burch, junior, from Florence, SC. They divide their time between Trenton, SC, Charleston, SC and Augusta, Ga. They enjoy their church, the children and grandchildren, golfing, horses and their very special Labrador, Wade.


West Sandhills District Federated Garden Clubs:

305WS -Anemone GC, Winnsboro
164WS- Bay Blossom GC, Columbia
543WS- Blythewood GC, Blythewood
187WS- Camden GC, Camden
322WS- Chapin GC, Chapin
587WS- Coldstream GC, Columbia
181WS- Columbia GC, Columbia
541WS- Country Gardeners GC, Trenton
162WS- Crape Myrtle GC, Columbia
644WS- Dimensions in Art
294WS- Dogwood GC, Columbia
503WS- Edenwood GC,
105WS- Garden Club of Saluda, Saluda
649WS- Gardening Girls Study Club, Camden
337WS- Gay Gardeners GC, Columbia
457WS- Green Thumb GC, Ridge Spring
567WS- Hunting Creek GC, Hopkins
016WS- Iris GC, Columbia
184WS- King Alfred GC, Kershaw
360WS- Lexington GC, Lexington
320WS- Lilac GC, Columbia
531WS- Mimosa GC, Columbia
296WS- Peach Blossom GC, Trenton
275WS- Petal Pushers GC, Columbia,
083WS- Pine GC, Chapin
191WS- Pyracantha GC, Saluda
493WS- Quail Hollow GC, West Columbia
573WS- Quail Valley GC, West Columbia
037WS- Ridge GC, Ridge Spring
610WS- Rose GC, St Mathews
611WS- St. Matthews GC, St Matthews
431WS- Trenton GC, Edgefield
355WS- Whitehall GC, Columbia
562WS- Winnsboro GC, Winnsboro
078WS- Wistaria GC, Columbia

C07WS- GC Council of Greater Columbia.