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District Director, Marguerite P. Warren


Marguerite has been in the Greenville Garden Club of Greenville, S.C. for over thirty years and is also a member of the Clarice Wilson Garden Club for the past ten years.  Currently she serves as Greenville Council of Garden Clubs President, served on the West Piedmont District Board as Horticulture Chairperson, has served as President of the Greenville Garden Club and in many leadership capacities through the years.  She is a Master Gardener with the Clemson Greater Greenville Master Gardener Club and currently serves on the Grants Committee.

As Greenville Council President, she has been very active in many capacities.  She is very pleased to be serving as Co-Chairman of the Flower Show School for the past three schools and the final one in September 2015.  Educational programs have increased under her leadership.  Marguerite has made her focus on Gardening, Educating, Preserving and Creating Legacies.. for the Greenville Community and the Council. Especially fulfilling is the preservation of the Kilgore-Lewis House, headquarters of the Greenville Council of Garden Clubs.

Marguerite grew up in the Midwest – Texas and Oklahoma.  She attended Oklahoma Baptist University majoring in elementary education; she has advanced masters education in Human Resources Law and Banking.  She served in several capacities In the Banking industry and Human Resources.

Other interests include gardening, landscaping, literature, antiques, classical music, travel and participating in local garden club events.  Favorites in the garden include hydrangeas, English roses and herbs.

Marguerite Warren is honored to be serving on the GCSC Board 2015-2017 as the West Piedmont District Co-Director and working with Mary Alice Hall, West Piedmont District Director.



West Piedmont District Federated Garden Clubs:

379WP -Anderson GC, Anderson
460WP- Azalea GC, Greer
327WP- Bud ‘N Boom,GC, Anderson
054WP- Camellia GC, Greer
213WP- Chrysanthemum GC, Greenwood
118WP- Chrysanthemum GC, Abbeville
195WP- Clarice Wilson GC, Greenville
035WP- Creative GC, Abbeville
056WP- Dahlia GC, Greenwood
103WP- Dogwood GC, Honea Path
453WP- Electric City GC, Anderson
572WP- Foothills GC, Clemson
429WP- Fort Hill GC, Seneca
233WP- Fountain Inn GC, Fountain Inn
463WP- Four Seasons GC, Hodges
585WP- Frances Hart GC, Anderson
326WP- Garden Trail GC, Anderson,
328WP- Golden Hour GC, Anderson
196WP- Gower Gardeners GC, Greenville
445WP- Greenville GC, Greenville
584WP- Heritage GC, Anderson
204WP- Hillcrest GC, Greenville
432WP- Holly GC, Greenwood
347WP- Lake and Hills GC, Salem
136WP- Lake Forest GC, Greenville
199WP- Laurens Road GC, Greenville
642WP- Mauldin GC, Mauldin
390WP- McCormick GC, McCormick
089WP- Mimosa GC, Anderson
512WP- Morning Glory GC, Greenwood
381WP – Mountain Laurel, Greenville
298WP- Pickens GC, Pickens
316WP- Primrose GC, Greer
253WP- Rose GC, Greenwood
357WP- Rose GC, Abbeville
250WP- Shamrock GC, Iva
523WP- Simpsonville GC, Simpsonville
216WP- Travelers Rest GC, Travelers Rest
455WP- Unit One GC,Ninety Six
440WP- Walhalla GC, Walhalla
650WP – Westcliffe GC, Greenville

C02WP- Abbeville GC Council
C17WP- Anderson GC Council
C12WP- Greenville Council of GC
C01WP- Greenwood Federation of GC
C15WP- Greer Council of GC.