District Awards


2017-18 WLC District  awards Application

West Low Country District Awards 2017-2018

1. Container Gardening Award for the most unique and outstanding project.

2. Christmas Beautification Award for the most outstanding project decorating a public building such as a nursing home, library, hospital etc. for the Christmas Season.

3. Garden Therapy for the most outstanding program of garden therapy where elderly handicapped adults and/or handicapped children participate and receive noteworthy benefits.

4. Horticulture Award for the most outstanding program project or program with emphasis on any phase of horticulture including “Plant it Pink” for breast cancer survivors or staging a standard flower show.

5. Feed the Birds- best club and or community project promoting, identifying, protecting, or celebrating birds in backyards or natural habitats. Describe activities showing accomplishments and club involvement.

6. Best Program Award for the best program of the year in your club which promotes one of the NGC objectives such as birds, butterflies, Blue Star Highway, civic development, horticulture, garden therapy, flower shows etc.

7. Youth Award to a club that sponsors the best youth program in a school or other youth group. 8. National Garden Week for the best promotion of National Garden Week.

9. Arbor Day Celebration for the best promotion and community involvement in celebration of Arbor Day.

10. Sarah Ann Parler Special Events Award for the most outstanding garden club related special event, such as an anniversary celebration, garden club tour, or other event where your community is invited, thus focusing public attention on your role as garden club members.

11. Backyard Habitat for having the most certified Backyard Habitat per membership or having the most pollinator garden habitats or projects.

12. Roadside Beautification Award for the most outstanding project involving streetscape or highway enhancement or Litter Control/Recycling Award for best project promoting litter control and /or recycling in a community wide project.

13. Burgdorf Historic Preservation Award for the completion of a historic project such as restoration of a park, building, public garden, cemetery or historic marker. (Award honors the late O.K. Burgdorf)

14. Publication Award for the best publication, newsletter, brochure, cookbook, calendar, historic manual etc. promoting Garden Club themes.

15. Native Plants Award for the best project that identifies, promotes, plants, and/or celebrates native plants within the West Low Country District.