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WLC Director,2017-2019,   Anna Sheets
Theme: “Soaring to Greater Heights- Membership. Scholarship, Projects”
1002 Stanton Drive
North Augusta, SC 29841
803-279-0272 (h)
803-646-0888 (c)


Anna has lived in North Augusta, SC for the past 28 years. She has served as Co-Director of the West Low Country District, President of the North Augusta Council of Garden Clubs and her garden club, Terrace. She is a Life Member in GCSC. The community of North Augusta has shown her how groups and organizations can work together to accomplish worthy projects for all in the community. She would like to bring this spirit of co-operation to all the clubs in the WLC District. Anna is an active member of the Aiken Camellia Society, the Augusta Rose Society and the South Carolina Bluebird Society. She and her husband, David are certified camellia judges, showing and judging in camellia shows throughout the southeast. In addition, she writes the GCSC Garden book review which can be seen on the website. Writing biweekly gardening articles for the Star, the local hometown newspaper, is a fun activity she shares with 2 other garden club members in North Augusta.



Co-Director 2017-2029 Nancy Karl
803-649-7907 [h] 803-617-8960 [c]

I started to think about how far back I remembered flowers in my life. My first memory was as a Long Island grammar school kid on my way to school with my siblings. In the spring we would stop at a large honeysuckle bush where we would tear aprt the flowers to lick the nectar. Next was the lady’s house around the corner from me. Her small house was totally shaded by large trees so it was not possible to grow grass. Her entire yard was covered with Lily of the Valley. She gave my Mom a clump once and it multiplied over the years. I planted sections from the clump in every house we owned, even here in SC. My favorite memory is riding my bike and much later by VW Bug to the nearby ball field to cut Lilacs for Mother’s Day. She always acted surprise; it is still my favorite flower. I only regret that it does not grow here. I can’t imagine my life without flowers in it.

When I moved to SC I was determined to join a garden club. It was the second thing I joined after the Camellia Society. I have been the Aiken Garden Club Council President and the GCSC Recording Secretary but I am more honored to act as the Co-Director of the West Low Country District. I hope to meet as many of you as possible. Sandy and Anna will be a hard act to follow. I am good with faces but terrible with names so please remind me when we meet again. When I taught I used my seating chart well into January!



West Low Country District Federated Garden Clubs: 

044WL- Beaufort Garden Club, Beaufort, SC
268WL- Beech Island Garden Club,Beech Island, SC
336WL- Blackville Garden Club, Blackville, SC
248WL- Camellia Garden Club, Beaufort, SC
260WL- Camellia Garden Club, Cameron, SC
098WL- Campbell Ashley Garden Club, Cottageville, SC
486WL- Carolina Hills Garden Club, North Augusta, SC
139WL- Cereus Gardeners, Aiken, SC
116WL- Country Gardeners Garden Club, Aiken, SC
258WL- Dataw Garden Club, Dataw Island, SC
158WL- Dirt Dabblers Garden Club, Bamberg, SC
080WL- Dogwood Garden Club, Orangeburg, SC
283WL- Elloree Garden Club, Elloree, SC
508WL- Evergreen Garden Club, Elloree, SC
545WL- Evergreen Garden Club, Brunson, SC
170WL- Fairfax Garden and Study Club, Fairfax, SC
330WL- Garden Makers Garden Club, Aiken, SC
287WL- Green Gardeners Garden Club, Aiken, SC
576WL- Hilton Head Island Garden Club, Hilton Head Island, SC
127WL- Hoe N’ Hope Garden Club, Orangeburg, SC
173WL- Ivy Garden Club, Okatie, SC
269WL- Ivy Garden Club, Williston, SC
100WL- Ladys Island Garden Club, Beaufort,SC
643WL- Lovely Oaks Garden Club, Orangeburg, SC
376WL- Magnolia Garden Club, Varnville, SC
115WL- Mayfield Garden Club, Walterboro, SC
638WL- Nora Stanley Garden Club, EHarhart, SC
012WL- Palmetto Garden Club, Beaufort, SC
324WL- Palmetto Garden Club of Denmark, SC
082WL- Palmetto Garden Club, North Augusta, SC
024WL – Palmetto Garden Club, Orangeburg, SC
553WL- Plantation Garden Club, Hilton Head, SC
038WL- Rose Garden Club, St. George, SC
396WL- Sandy Acres/Pine Needle Garden Club, Jackson, SC
241WL- Sea Island Garden Club, Beaufort, SC
368WL- Sea Pines Garden Club, Hilton Head Island, SC
205WL- Seed and Weed Garden Club, Crocketville, SC
390WL- Springfield Garden Club, Springfield, SC
151WL- Suburban Garden Club, Aiken, SC
232WL- Sunshine Garden Club, Aiken, SC
311WL- Terrace Garden Club, North Augusta, SC
255WL- The Avid Gardeners, Hilton Head Island
156WL- The Garden Club of Aiken, Aiken, SC
490WL- Wagener Garden Club, Wagener, SC
District Councils

C20WL- Aiken Garden Club Council, Aiken, SC
C04WL- Beaufort Council of Garden Clubs, Beaufort, SC
C22WL- Hilton Head Island Council of Garden Clubs, Hilton Head Island
C10WL- North Augusta Council of Garden Clubs, North Augusta, SC
C14WL- Orangeburg Council of Garden Clubs, Orangeburg, SC