In the District




On November 16th, 2017, the Good Neighbor Garden Club of Union, SC welcomed Master Flower Show Judges Pat Abercrombie and Becky Crowe who presented a program on the three new classes on floral

design as printed in the National Garden Clubs Handbook for Flower Schools, 2017 edition.  These new “classes” are Cascade, Grouping and Low Profile.








In November, Wayne Deal EPD Director visited the Potting Shed GC located in Chester, SC. Mark Cockrelle, a member created a design with the holidays in mind. The design consisted of boxwoods, pine cones & cardinals. Wayne enjoyed this design program & had fun getting to know members






Special Event: Carolina Wren Garden Club located in Clinton SC meets in November to decorate a Christmas tree at Bailey Manor Retirement Home.. This special event will be enjoyed by all the residents through the holidays. EPD Director, Wayne Deal, and & Co- Director, Elaine Wade,joined in the celebration and are pictured with Carolina Wren Garden Club President, Andy Grant. Photos Courtesy of Elaine Wade

 In The East Piedmont District

Spartanburg Garden Club Council has been involved for 82 years as Volunteers in Spartanburg and Surrounding areas for Spartanburg Beautification  and Education on all levels and supporting The National Garden Club, Inc. 

Awards won this year reflect a Reading Project which won an South Atlantic Region Of National Clubs Awards using the National Garden Club , Inc. Book published to teach children about protection of our Environment and Ecology and the Importance of Frogs. The Book is called :” The Frightened Frog “. Spartanburg Garden Club Council has 9 member Clubs !

The Spartanburg Garden Club Council which won the SAR “Awesome Possibilities “for Conservation with the Reading  Project of ” The Frightened Frog”  reading to  Spartanburg EP Todd Elementary Students and Spartanburg Day Students . The Books were donated by The Spartanburg Garden Club Council to the Schools . Lanie Trout was the President during this time 2015-2017 and the Exe. Board Presented this Wonderful Project to educate our children with the Lesson Plan which came from NGC and was President Sandy Robinson’s Project .

The SAR Awards were given by Sarah Ann Parler SAR Director at the GCSC Convention in Greenville SC – April 29,2017 .
Pictured : Lanie Trout with SAR Director Sarah Ann Parler at the GCSC Convention in Greenville , SC

Spartanburg Garden Club Council Won SAR “Awesome Possibilities “and EPD Conservation Award  and Represented the National Garden Club Book  :  “Frightened Frog  “.
Other SAR Awards were for “Best Program ” a DVD Program by Master Flower Show Judges – Elaine Bridwell Wade , Nancy O. Rayner and Mary Ann Powell Kirby and taped by Janet Adams  and given to the Spartanburg Garden Club Council at  The Chapman Art Center in Spartanburg SC : “Harmony in Design for Valentine’s. ”  This DVD described Innovative Designs : Stretch Design , Abstract Assembledge luminary Design  and New Concepts using Traditional style Designs along with Small Designs and Horticulture grown by the Speakers !

SAR ” Awesome Possibilities” to a Club in Spartanburg Garden Club Council with emphasis on  Conservation and Education as an ongoing project using a Public Park was Given to Upsy Daisy Garden Club   – Spartanburg S.C. and the Upsy Daisy  Garden Club “Ongoing Project  “at The Tyger 10 Park off 26 and off Walnut Grove Road  in Spartanburg County and  Honoring the Tyger 10 Foundation Board .

Upsy Daisy Garden Club won “Club of The Year ” by the Spartanburg Garden Club  Council at the May 2, 2017 Awards Luncheon at the Piedmont Club . Elaine Wade won” Woman of The Year ” .Jane Zollinger is President of Upsy Daisy Garden Club who is a member of the Spartanburg Garden Club Council , East Piedmont District , Garden Club of South Carolina and South  Atlantic Region which includes five States : NC, SC, Ky. Va. And West Va. And National Garden Clubs , Inc.

Other Awards Won in the East Piedmont District for Spartanburg Garden Club Council : Best Council Presidents Report , EPD Conservation Award for Spartanburg Garden Club Council Reading Project of ” The Frightened Frog” . Best National Garden Week  Program and First Place for Spartanburg Garden Club Council Yearbook.
Pictures courtesy of Mary Ann Powell Kirby




Mary Ann Powell Kirby is Bird Chairman for EPD and dedicates this photo to Donna Donnelly , President of GCSC ” A Lovely Bird with Creative Colorful Feathers” !
This Baby Robin was the last one left in the nest built by his mother the “Designing Robin ” who built her Nest in a 12 year old Ivy Topiary which this SC Master Landscape Consultant built by the Front Door ! Each Robin has built in this Topiary for 5 years ! The” Designing Robin” used many different materials to build her nest  : Easter Straw , Colored Yarn , Landscape woven cloth , pine needles ( we have only one pine tree ) , Woven netting of an orange bag and lots of Mud !  The nests have been kept  in tact and last year a wooden Blue Robin Egg  was placed inside the nest after the Babies had left ! The “Designing Robin” pushed this wooden egg out of the nest and I found it at the front bottom of the steps! Love in Bloom , Mary Ann Powell Kirby , EPD Bird Chairman

Summer Expo at Ebenezer Lutheran Church on 7-15-17

Left to Right : Wayne Deal -EPD Director , Elaine Wade EPD Co-Director , Mary Ann Kirby -GCSC Design Co-Ordinator , Lanie Trout -Advisor for Spartanburg Garden Club Council, Nancy O. Rayner -Ticket sales Chairman for Monticello trip for GCSC . These GCSC Members are members of the Spartanburg Garden Club Council serving on the Exe. Board . Clubs represented : Good Neighbors Garden Club , Upsy Daisy Garden Club , Indepth Study Club , Merry Tillers Garden Club , Fannie Louise Holcomb Garden Club , Judges Club of SC, Landscape Consultants of SC .Life Members in GCSC, SAR and National Garden Club , Inc.


Celebrating National Garden Week


Denie Crowder, President of The Spartanburg Garden Club Council and Emily Embry,  Branch Librarian for Cyrill-Westside Library prepares  “The National Garden Week ” Display using gardening books and the Beautiful Donated Plant from The Spartanburg Garden Club Council to Celebrate National Garden Week.


The Spartanburg Garden Club Council celebrating 82 years of Volunteer Service to the Beautification of Spartanburg and Surrounding Areas met on June 6,2017 and Mayor Junie White Signed the National Garden Week Proclamation . Officers and Chairmen who serve on The Spartanburg Garden Club Council attended : L. To R. Janet Adams – Parlimentarian, Laine Trout -Advisor , Elaine Wade -Co-Director of East Piedmont District , Wayne Deal -East Piedmont District Director, Denie Crowder – President of The Spartanburg Garden Club Council 2017-2019, Mary Ann Kirby – First Vice President, Nancy O. Rayner -Third Vice President ,  Anna Rickell-Corresponding Secretary .
Spartanburg Member Clubs are placing plants in Spartanburg which includes Westside Library Presented by President Denie Crowder.  National Garden Week was Proclaimed for June 4-11-2017.
Member Clubs represented are : Ivy League Garden Club ,  Upsy Daisy Garden Club , Fannie Louise Holcombe Garden Club , Good Neighbor Garden Club , Reidville Garden Club , Indepth Study Club , Fairforest Garden Club , Cema Chreitzberg Garden Club and Merry Tillers Garden Club .
Organized on January 29,1935, Spartanburg Garden Club Council Purpose is exclusively educational and charitable: to stimulate the Knowledge and Love of Gardening among amateurs and children ; to promote education in Horticulture, Landscape Design and Floral Arts Design through schools and to promote conservation and protection of our wildlife and all natural resources; to promote civic beautification  and development .
The Spartanburg Garden Club Council is a Member of East Piedmont District , Garden Club of South Carolina , South Atlantic Region and National Garden Club ,Inc.


Spartanburg Garden Club Council were the Hosts of East Piedmont District Meeting March 8,2017 at the Spartanburg Piedmont Club . Chairmen were Mary Ann Kirby and Beth Waddell. GCSC President Yvonne Morris and President Elect Donna Donnelly were special Guests.


Helen Goforth and Joyce King with Indepth Study and Jane Zollinger Upsy Daisy did the beautiful coffee under a heated tent at the Piedmont Club .




Elaine Wade did a Horticulture Display and Mary Ann Kirby set up a Display of Small Designs for Self Study !



Mary Ann sits with Becky Crow from Laurens who received the “EPD Distinguished Service Award”  also seated is President of Spartanburg Garden Club Council, Lanie Trout EPD Director :





Photos by Mary Ann Powell Kirby