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“TWEELY-DEE, Let’s Plant Some Trees”
In the East Low Country District 2017-2019

Hi, Garden Club Members of the East Low Country District our theme for the next two years is to “TWEELY-DEE, Let’s Plant Some Trees”

I choose this theme for our district for a couple of reasons. After seeing the number of trees being cut down due to “progress” in our communities and new housing developments clearing all the trees in the land to build new homes, and seeing the cutting of all those trees on the interstate, it made me think of how these precious resources are being taken away.

We need trees, our “Birds-of-a-Feather” need them to “Flock-Together”, they add beauty and Interest in our community, and they give us great benefits that we take for granted each day.

So, my challenge to you as you plan your next two years please consider planting a tree or a few trees in and around the community. Have an Arbor Day planting, a tree planting at a local school, at a historical place, or plant a tree in your own yard. If you are holding any of these events please let me know and if you would like for me to join you just let me know!


Oct 25 – Nov 06, 2017

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