District Awards

Coastal District Awards 2017-2019 
Coastal Awards Application 2017-2019



GCSC  Awards #35, 36, 37 and  38 will be awarded  to District applicants  according to the guidelines stated in the current GCSC Handbook. First Place winners in these categories will be forwarded to the State Awards Chairman.


DUE: September 1st. Send copy to District Director and GCSC President. First, Second, Third and Honorable Mention awards may be given in each membership class (Clubs under 20; 20-29; 30-44; 45-69; 70-99; 100-299; and over 300 members)


DUE: September 1st. Send copy to District Director and GCSC President. Certificate awarded to the Council with the most informative yearbook; judged in membership categories the same as Yearbook Awards.


DUE: February 1st. Send copy to District Director and GCSC President; judged in membership categories the same as Yearbook Awards.


DUE: February 1st. Send copy to District Director and GCSC President; judged in membership categories the same as Yearbook Awards

Coastal District Awards

 A separate “ Award Application” must be prepared for each award and submitted to the Coastal District Co-Director by the said deadline.  The “Application Form” is found  on the GCSC Website, Coastal District, Award information.  A submission  must not exceed three pages (One sided only), making a total of three single sided pages. These may be emailed to the District Co-chairman at anytime prior to or by February 1. ( Also, please make a copy of your emailed pages)   If a hard copy is the only option you have …Folder color is optional. Three (3) single sided Pages with attached pictures securely fastened in clear sheet covers.

Each Award Application should include:

  1. Name of award and award number (Ex: Container Gardening Award, #1).
    2. Name of garden club, club President and person submitting award application..
    3. A summary of your project, including the reason why your club considered this a worthwhile project.
    4. One or more photos may be included, preferably a ‘before’ & ‘after’ if appropriate.
    5. An indication of the costs involved and the source of funding (lengthy budget not necessary).
    6. The number of club members who worked on the project and whether any community participation was involved.

Deadline: February 1, 2016/2017
Submit to:  Carter, Susan
237 Pocosin Rd,
Latta, SC 29565

Coastal District Awards


  1. Althea Heniford Memorial Attendance Award: To a club having the greatest percentage of members attending the Spring District Meeting, excluding the host club/clubs. Numbers will be taken from the Presidents Reports.
  2. Civic Beautification Award: To the individual club or council for meritorious accomplishments in Civic Beautification. Application required.
  3. Belva Finklea Memorial Bird Award: To a club or individual doing the most work with birds. Application required.
  1. Horticulture Award: To be given to a single club member or club with the year’s best horticulture report.  Application required.
  2. Cuba N. Rutledge Memorial Rose Award: To a club for the best use of rose plants in a creative and meaningful project. Application required.
  3. Thelma B. Suggs Memorial Educational Program Award: To the club sending in the most informative and educational program. Application required.
  4. Flower Show Award: To the club having the best flower show, in conformance to standards established by National Garden Clubs, Inc. in the publication  Handbook For Flower Shows.  Application required
  1. Gladys W. Taylor Memorial Conservation Award: To a club member, club, or group of clubs for the most outstanding effort in any phase of conservation. Application required
  2. Roadside Development Award: To a club or council with the best roadside development project during the current year. Application required.
  3. Emily Stephens Environment and Litter Award: To a club member, club, or group of clubs for outstanding effort in environmental improvement. Application required.
  1. State and National Objectives Award: To the club doing the most to promote current State and National Objectives. Application required.
  2. Garden Therapy Award: To a club member or single club submitting an Application with the most comprehensive work in Garden Therapy.
  1. Gardener of the Year Award: Plaque to an individual club member who has done the most work to promote State and National Objectives. Application required.
  1. Cora Hunter Memorial Floral Designs Award: To be presented to the outstanding club that places emphasis on member involvement in creative floral designs. Application required.
  2. Youth Award: To a club member, club or group of clubs for outstanding work and accomplishments with youth.  Application required
  1. Container Garden Award: To a club member or club having the best Container Garden. Application required.
  1. Joann Johnson National Garden Week Award: To the club with the most comprehensive efforts in the promotion and celebration of National Garden Week Application required
  2. Arbor Day Award: To the club or council with the most creative Arbor Day program designed to educate the community and make a lasting impact Application required.

19.   Native Plants Award for the best project that identifies,  promotes plants and/or celebrates native              plants within the Coastal District. Application required


Scale of Points for Judging Awards

Conformance to Requirements Listed for Award 40 pts (4 pts each)
1. Name of Club
2. Club President
3. Person submitting  Application
4. Summary of project
5. Why project was worthwhile
6. Cost and source of funds
7. Indication of approximate number of members who worked on project
8. Statement about community participation, if applicable
9. One or more photos included-before and after  if appropriate, PHOTOS MUST BE LABLED
10. Number of pages – 3- one side only

Scope of Project 60 pts (15 pts each)
1. Appropriate for award sought
2. Appeared worthwhile for community
3. Had member & community participation
4. Brief summary describing project clearly for readers to understand project and what the club was trying to accomplish