Conserving Our Birds
There have been estimates that up to one billion birds die in the United States each year because they collide with windows. What can we do to help prevent this problem? Putting decals on your windows helps, but many of us do not want to do so. I noticed, however, that I do have some security system decals that I use. Place those strategically on windows that are likely to be a bird’s flight path. Consider where you hang your feeders so that they do not attract birds directly into your windows. Drawing shades or curtains in the brightest part of the day helps, and it saves energy in the summer. Thoughtful consideration of simple decisions often makes a difference!

figNotice: The South Carolina Native Plant Society reports that for the first time, Fig Buttercup or Lesser Celandine, a beautiful plant but an invasive, was found growing outside of cultivation in Greenville County this spring. It emerges earlier than most natives and once it is established native plants cannot penetrate it. It spreads easily. In fact, it is available in gardening catalogues. Toothworts, Dutchman’s Breeches, Trout Lily, Trillium and Bloodroot are the native plants that are most at risk. See photo of Fig Buttercup below. Chemical pesticides will work to kill this invasive, but please use extreme care and use it in the early spring before the natives and amphibians appear. If you wish to dig it up, please be sure that you get it all and bag it. Ensure that the plant is dead prior to disposal.

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