Chaplain’s Moment

The Chaplain’s Meditation Moment


“As the air turns cool and the leaves turn color, change is taking place;

                              Because everywhere the signs appear of FALL’s approaching face.”


How quickly the summer passed! How we watered to keep our plants alive and how appreciative we were for rain showers.   Yet, through it all, we knew that God was in full control and soon the hot, dry season would pass. Knowing that, as gardeners we tended our plants lovingly just as the Master Gardener tends lovingly to us each day. And as the roots held the plants in place and adsorbed nourishment, we too gain our strength and nourishment from our loving Heavenly Father. We are not always aware of what He has planned but we know that it is for our best.

Remember how dead heading provides more blooms on our plants? So it is with God because often when we feel “bloomed out”, He slows us down so that we can rest and then re-bloom. He knows our every need and provides as we accept our change and growth in order to be better stewards of His garden, our world.

May your garden club have a productive FALL season and all of your projects reflect the love of God as you work to support our president’s theme of “Blooming and Growing Together” in every area of South Carolina.

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                                         Mary B. Rivers, Chaplain





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