Chaplain’s Moment

The Chaplain’s Meditation Moment

From your chaplain……..

Our president’s theme for the coming two years centers on birds! How exciting and challenging as this allows us to focus our yearly programs and projects on quite a wide range of related topics and many resources to employ. A new, but as old as the world, opportunity awaits us, the gardeners of South Carolina! We’ve had the birds since the time of creation yet there is so much new to learn and share.

No matter where you live in South Carolina birds abound. And like the purple martins that annually return to Lake Murray, we will return to Columbia in July to attend the annual President’s Expo. It’s a must for dedicated clubbers, just as disciplines are a must in our spiritual lives. To keep us connected to the true vine, we branches must keep connected to God through prayer, worship and bible reading. I challenge you to see how many references to birds you can find in our Bible.

So, how does this all fit together? I think it was said best by American ornithologist, Roger Tory Peterson, “,,,, birds are far more than robins, thrushes, and finches to brighten the suburban garden, or ducks and grouse to fill the sportsman’s bag, or rare waders or warblers to be ticked off on a bird watcher’s checklist! They are indicators of the environment—a sort of environmental litmus paper”.

Yes, Garden Clubbers of South Carolina, you hold the litmus paper. God gave us dominion over the birds and the environment.   Remember our works and our faith are connected as evidenced in our plans for 2017-19.  

Blessings, Mary Rivers