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Beach House for Rent by Mary Alice Monroe
2017 published by First Gallery Books

Whether you are looking for a quick, interesting, relaxing read, for a tutorial on South Carolina Coastal Shorebirds, or a manual on becoming a strong women while overcoming grief over the death of a loved one Beach House for Rent will exceed your expectations. Felicia Sanders, South

Carolina Shorebird Coordinator (SCDNR) wrote, “BEACH HOUSE FOR RENT is a story woven with passion for the diversity of shorebirds and seabirds that live on South Carolina beaches. From brown pelicans that nest on the outer edges of our coast to red knots stopping to feed on their way to arctic breeding grounds, Monroe’s thoroughly researched information about these bird’s behaviors and conservation status will inspire any reader to share the beach with the feathered creatures that make the ocean’s edge their home.” This book fits right in with GCSC president Donna Donnely’s interest in birds as an important part of our gardens and our environment. Birds point the finger toward dangers to our life from problems in the environment whether the canary dies from lack of oxygen in a coal mine or a shore bird becomes scare along our coast.

Mary Alice Monroe is an award winning South Carolina author who lives in the beloved lowcountry she write so often about. She is a dedicated conservationist, including relevant information on native species from loggerhead turtles to monarch butterflies to shorebirds in her novels. She tells stories that revolve around women, their relationships friends, family, and, of course, lovers. Stories of women, both young and old, overcoming problems through their own strength and ingenuity while caring for the world around them keep the reader up late to finish each book and look eagerly for the next one.

Monroe’s books can be purchased from local bookstores and on the internet as well as checked out from you nearest public library. For more information see the author’s website,
—————–Laura G. Carlson



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