President’s Message                                                                                        January 2018

Dear GCSC members,
I am thrilled to report a lot of good things are happening to improve and elevate GCSC’s clarity and transparency. The Treasurer and 1st VP have been extremely busy with many long hours spent working on the organization’s financial files, GCSC Bylaws, and Policy & Procedure respectively. Eventually, all files and documents will have great clarity and comprehension when completed. This will be a great stride for GCSC. We are on a roll and GCSC is so privileged and honored to have such knowledgeable and dedicated chairmen.

I have been a little busy myself…. many Presidents Reports have already come in and they are very informative. I will report on the statistics I receive from them at the State Meeting. The Winter Issue of the SC Gardener has been mailed; you will be seeing it in your mailbox soon. I am so pleased to announce our new SC Gardener Editor, Marcia Howard. Marcia is from the Greenville area and very talented. You can expect great things from her and expect the Gardener to look and read better with each issue she produces!

I am happy to appoint Goldie Meek as the State FSS Chairman. This chairmanship was always on the Standing Committee list in the past and many members will remember Virginia Rainey held it for many years, so I am happy it is back in place. Goldie will be Chairman of the Specialty Flower Show of Miniature Designs that will be held in conjunction with the GCSC State Convention 2019, in Beaufort.  This will be a special treat for all of us at the Convention!

And we are so fortunate to have Margaret Graham offering to Chair the GCSC, SAR & NGC Life Memberships. At this time I encourage you to purchase GCSC and NGC Life Memberships! They both support scholarships and our GCSC Life Membership also supports our Memorial Garden. I would really love SC to win the most ‘NGC Life Memberships Award’ this year which is a $100 award, so if you have ever thought of purchasing an NGC Life Membership for yourself or a club member, this is the best time do it!

The President’s Projects fundraising campaign has been financially successful! The GCSC Aiken Home & Garden Tour netted $6,655 and with Chairman Mary Reeves’ ‘Feed The Birds’ efforts, the sale of birdhouses (made and donated by my husband) and the VERY generous donations of the clubs and councils we are in great shape! The club or council with the biggest donation will have honor seating at the State Convention! GCSC will be presenting a fabulous donation to Dr. Patrick McMillan for the upcoming Birding Garden project at the SCBG in Clemson. You must attend the State Meeting, April 26th in Columbia, to find out the actual fabulous amount!  GCSC will also make very generous donations to Riverbanks Children’s Garden and Audubon SC.

The GCSC Bus Tour to Mt. Vernon, the US Botanic Garden in DC and Monticello is scheduled for October 9-12.  Please contact Nancy Rayner to book your seat. The trip is now open to everyone, family, friends and neighbors. You can also purchase a raffle ticket to win a free ticket to the tour (available at the Spring District Meetings).

We all look forward to the upcoming Spring District Meetings. The District Call Letters are posted on the website. I encourage you to attend as many meetings as you can! They all have wonderful speakers and you will not be disappointed. You will notice the cost of some of the luncheons is quite reasonable, and I appreciate the creativity of the District Directors.

Thank you all so much for your continuous and never-ending support! I am truly grateful and it has made my ‘Feed the Birds’ campaign so much fun!