About the Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc.


Quick Facts:

  • Currently, we have 5281 members.*
  • We have a total of 231 clubs in the state.*
  • We have 21 governing councils.*
  • We are a member of the National Garden Clubs, Inc. and the South Atlantic Region.
  • We were first organized on April 22, 1930 and Federated with NGC April 22, 1934
  • Judith Dill is our 41st GCSC President.

Our Mission

The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc., a non-profit organization, is a force for good that promotes all aspects of gardening, focusing on preservation and restoration of historic gardens, conservation and environmental protection of natural resources, education of members and youth organizations, civic beautification, horticulture and floral design.

*From current district rosters 2013


Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag
of the Garden Club of South Carolina

I Pledge allegiance to the Flag of the Garden Club of South Carolina for the love of gardening for which it stands, for the promotion and protection of our environmental concerns, and for achievement in beautification and conservation in all phases of Garden Club service.