The Carolina Wren creeps around vegetated areas and scoots up and down tree trunks in search of insects and fruit. It explores yards, garages and woodpiles, sometimes nesting there! This wren often cocks its tail upward while foraging and holds it down when singing. Carolina Wren defend their territories with constant singing; they aggressively scold and chase off intruders.  Hear the Wren’s song

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings. Always believe in yourself.
– Unknown

The Garden Club of South Carolina, Inc., a non-profit organization, is a force for good that promotes all aspects of gardening, focusing on preservation and restoration of historic gardens, conservation and environmental protection of natural resources, education of members and youth organizations, civic beautification, horticulture and floral design.

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Our President

Donna Donnelly 2017-2019
“Birds of a Feather Garden Together

I am truly honored and humbled by the privilege to serve as your 43rd President.  You must know that this is one of the most momentous occasions of my life!

There are three main reasons why I stand before you today!

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  • Pearl Fryar, creator of the inspiring Pearl Fryar Topiary Garden in Bishopville, S.C. recognized at NGC’s 88th annual convention in Richmond, Va., as a 2017 winner of its highest honor, the Award of Excellence.  Read More
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